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We help innovators turn their great ideas into products, services and businesses that make money. Using our tested methodology to layout your pathway to success, focusing on those inflexion points that make a notable difference and on the funding to get there.

Are you innovation ready?

We Partner With Start-ups And Established SMEs

Start-up Business

Start-Ups we work with turn their great ideas into products and services that make money and create value for shareholders.

Using our proprietary Milestone Bridge methodology, we focus on –

Planning For Success

Define your pathway to success. Because succeeding is about planning how to succeed so that your journey is direct and predictable.

Access To Funding

Unlock funding options at each milestone including tax incentives, grants, in-kind support, loans, collaborations and equity investment.

Business and Financial Modelling

Identify, test and prove all business assumptions so that you know your business and how it will make money inside out.


Avoiding The Pitfalls

Because success is about staying focused. Avoiding distractions, things not on the critical path, that waste, time, money and energy.

Are you ready to succeed?

Established Business

Established Businesses we work with gain a competitive advantage by building innovation capabilities that are valued as an asset, not just seen as a P&L expense.

Using our proprietary Milestone Bridge methodology, we focus on –

Allocating Resources

Plan your R&D systematically and prioritise projects. Allocate your finite resources to make the most of your time and capital investment. 

Access To Funding

Attract new funding and form new relationships that make best use of and extend your R&D skills, capabilities and resources.

Building an Asset

Govern, document and manage your R&D and IP assets for competitive advantage.

Unlocking Business Value

Track the business value of your R&D and IP assets to investors and buyers – they rely on your ability to create value tomorrow not just today.

How effective is your investment in R&D?

How It Works

A Proven Methodology

Our Milestone Bridge methodology replaces risk and uncertainty with knowledge and clarity of purpose and outcome.

An Experienced Team

Our principals use their extensive experience in taking innovation to market and monetising R&D assets.

Save Time And Money

The combination of our methodology and our experience guides your innovation journey and prevents potential pitfalls. 

What Clients Say About Us

T  riple Innovation has proved to be a critical element to establish and grow our business. They are incredibly professional, and actually “care”!  Triple has helped us on many fronts including R & D funding, IP, corporate structures and business advice.
I have no hesitation in recommending them!

Gregory Ahrbeck

MD, Ahrko Holdings

Triple has always been interested in our business. They are always thinking about new opportunities for us – another set of eyes. They go the extra mile.
Proactive, reliable and highly competent.

Nigel Herring

CEO, AMPS Agribusiness Group

Triple goes above and beyond to ensure the best service for their clients. They have connected me to many people relevant to supporting my goals. They see the best in you and your business in the early days when the right support is essential to business success.

Deborah Fairfull

MD, Blisspot

Right from the outset Triple provided measured, strategic and logical advice to help me get ready to raise capital. Triple
worked with me to calibrate my expenditure and revenue pipeline to bring forward profitability so that my offer was both more attractive and the ask was right-sized to investment uncertainty during the early pandemic.

Richard Ham

MD, FMClarity

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Innovation Views

Why is business model innovation important?

Why is business model innovation important?

Product innovation is what everyone talks about.  Products are visual and often physical.  Products are used and the users can experience the benefits of using them.  Business owners spend a lot of time and money developing products.  This is natural.  There is no...

Innovation News

Is Victoria the gold standard State Grant Program?

Is Victoria the gold standard State Grant Program?

In November 2020, the Victorian government announced a10yr $2Bn Breakthrough Fund to bring new ideas to market and continue to reshape a modern 'maker' economy driven by science and technology.  Whilst this investment is really only $200M pa, a small down payment...

Case Studies

Digitalising Facilities Management workflows

Digitalising Facilities Management workflows

FMClarity has developed an innovative easy to use app-based platform to digitalise facilities management workflows. Background Until now the facilities management industry has used inefficient manual systems to manage workflows and interactions with external...

Innovation History

How the 1918-20 ‘Spanish Flu’ changed public health

How the 1918-20 ‘Spanish Flu’ changed public health

The Spanish Flu claimed 50 - 100 million lives, roughly 2.5-5% of the global population over 3 years 1918 -1920.  By comparison WWII claimed (est.) 60 million lives over 6 years.  Devastating. In an article published in the Smithsonian Magazine in September 2017,...

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