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We help innovators fund and commercialise their great ideas into products and businesses that make money.

Whether you are a start-up commercialising your first product or an established business building your innovation portfolio, we understand that funding security is all important.  Funding gaps divert momentum and over time erode your competitive position.

Triple Innovation works with you to leverage your investment in R&D efficiently by using the R&D tax incentive, grant funding, and external capital to secure your funding needs through the commercialisation process.

Securing funding is competitive.  Funders (investors, lenders, grant bodies) want to see how you will use their investment to advance your product and build the key pillars of business infrastructure you need to get to market and create business value.  These pillars include IP protection, a refined  understanding of the market and your competitive edge, your business and financial model and the team you recruit to deliver it.

While you work to develop your product, we help you to define your commercialisation pathway, and interim Milestones, adding structure and process to develop the infrastructure pillars Funders expect to see.  When you approach us to help secure funding, we look first to see if you are ‘funding ready’; if not, we partner with you until you are.

As your business matures, we work with you to extend and deepen your investment in R&D so that it becomes a valuable business asset and competitive weapon, not just a tax expense.

So while we work initially to address your immediate needs, we also focus on building the foundations critical to your longer term business success.

The Value We Bring

Delivery Focus

We get things done.  Whether it is R&D or Grants or other funding, we stay the course with you until we succeed in the task we agreed.

A Proven Process

Our Milestone methodology replaces risk and uncertainty with knowledge, clarity of purpose and outcomes, and the confidence and  energy to achieve them.

A Personalised Experience

The path to success is different for everyone, yet it is always intense and 24/7.  We understand you and go the extra mile when you need it.

Build longer term value

We work to add value to your business, to hit the next Milestone. We ask questions and challenge. Your success is what matters to us.  
What Clients Say About Us

Triple is a critical element to establish and grow our business. They are incredibly professional, and actually “care”! helping on R&D funding, IP, structuring and general business advice.  I recommend them!

Greg Ahrbeck, MD, Ahrko Holdings

Triple has always been interested in our business. They are always thinking about new opportunities for us – another set of eyes. They go the extra mile. Proactive, reliable and highly competent.

Nigel Herring, CEO, AMPS Agribusiness Group

Triple goes above and beyond to ensure the best service for their clients. They have connected me to their network, and see the best in you and your business in the early days when the right support is essential.

Deborah Fairfull, MD, Blisspot

Right from the outset Triple provided measured, strategic and logical advice to help raise capital, calibrating expenditure and my revenue pipeline to bring forward profitability and right-size a compelling offer

Richard Ham, MD, FM Clarity

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Our Projects

Exit packaged cleaning chemicals?

Exit packaged cleaning chemicals?

The packaged chemical industry is everywhere and worth $Bns globally.   But what if this industry could be replaced with a simple device that generates sanitising and disinfectant solutions cost-effectively on-site and on-demand using common ingredients  - salts,...


Stocktake on Start-up funding 2023

Stocktake on Start-up funding 2023

Folklore Ventures and Cut Through Venture published the State of Australian Start-up Funding.  Every start-up seeking investment already knows that it has been as difficult as ever to attract funding.  Australia's capital markets are shallow not deep and largely...


Do we need another R&D review?

Do we need another R&D review?

Here we go again.  The Albanese Government will initiate another review into Australia's R&D system as a 'deal' it seems with Universities concerned that reduce revenues from full-paying foreign students will undermine funding allocated to research. Putting aside...