The Examin Group is a Queensland-based organisation has spent three years developing an innovative mobile hand-held breath test device to detect the COVID-19 virus at a level, sensitivity and specificity equivalent to the gold standard swab (fluid) based PCR test.  The test determines a result in <2 minutes and is based on a patented method to detect and attract the molecular virus to a highly sensitive sensor embedded in the device.  The device is low-cost to product with a single use consumable mouthpiece.  Although there are many RAT tests on the market, few have a similar specificity or sensitivity to the COVID virus or its variants that enable them to be used in high transit locations.  This is the type of detection technology that would have been very useful at borders and airports during the worst of the pandemic and is the type of technology needed to combat the next pandemic whenever it surfaces.


With the support of Australia’s R&D tax incentive and grant support from AMGC in 2022 which enabled the leverage of additional capital, Examin has developed a series of prototypes with the support of premier Sydney industrial design firm Design + Industry which it has tested successfully in Singapore with the support of commercial partners.  Examin’s technology has the capacity to detect a range of different COVID family and flu virus particles which makes it an attractive platform for investors.

Examin’s next step is to develop a pre-production prototype for formal clinical trials and TGA regulatory approval.  It is working towards establishing manufacturing operations in Queensland with its manufacturing and distribution partners.

The innovation pathway for any technology is never easy not least for medical devices.  Every day presents new challenges, demanding a high level of entrepreneurial focus and resilience not to mention robust partners willing to go the distance.

Triple Innovation value-add

Triple Innovation has worked with Examin’s team from the outset to support innovation funding, optimise R&D benefits and supplement investor funding with grants along the way.

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