Morse Power is an internationally recognised design and manufacturing company, that aims to refresh the power industry using innovation to develop cable handling equipment and accessories that are safer and more efficient for linesmen.


The Morse name has a prestigious history and builds on over 130 years of manufacturing and business expertise. Throughout four generations, the Morse name has encompassed engineering, manufacturing and maintenance across sectors such as automotive, farming and agriculture.

Morse Power was founded in 2002 (originally Morse Engineering) by Tim Morse, and since its inception has been fuelled by a passion for design, innovation and technology.

Business model development

The Morse product range undergoes stringent R&D, prototyping and quality testing to conform to Australian standards. Products are customised to the particular challenges power linesmen experience everyday bringing insight and innovation to designed outcomes that value safety, efficiency and productivity.  The Morse Power business model is secured by deep domain expertise, close client relationships and a reputation for innovative and high quality designed solutions. Morse develops the concept design with its clients and then oversees its detailed design and manufacturing through a network of highly skilled industrial design and manufacturing partners.  Morse Power is currently developing a new to market drum winder for key clients in Australia and its larger international markets in Japan with the support of the Victorian Government that will allow it to scale its design and manufacturing capability in specialised power line equipment .

Triple Innovation support

Triple Innovation is assisting Morse Power to develop and fund a multi-stage collaborative partnership that combines industry expertise, University researchers and Government support – leveraging its capital and resource base to take on a larger global market. International expansion raises a range of other issues – the appropriateness of the current business model to scale, supply chain efficiency, product modularisation to accommodate differing regulatory standards offshore, and investment in on-going technology development.     

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