Impact Import Group (IIG) imports and distributes Korean developed camping products and accessories for off-road 4WD enthusiasts.  They have succeeded with a small team over a long time and went ballistic during COVID when international travel was banned and domestic travel options enabled people to hit the road inexpensively.  As much as anything else this is a testament to how consumers and markets adjust to most circumstances.  IIG distributes product under the iKamper Australia brand via internet sales marketed through social media and authorised distributors.

In 2019, IIG took a big step and decided to design and manufacture an innovative quick release drawer system (Catch-and-Click™) system that allowed drawers to be fitted to 4WD or Utes and removed in seconds without tools.  Normally, drawer systems are at least semi-permanently screwed to the frame of the vehicle, of metal construction, heavy and not easily stacked of reconfigured.  Marketing under the brand KUFU Culture, the comprehensive compression moulded design allows flexibility in manufacturing configuration across 6 lengths and 3 heights.  The drawer system includes internal and external lighting, sealed design for external use and all weather conditions, fully lockable draws and incremental locking points to stop full extension on slopes, anti-slip surface, 1 tonne load rating and 150kg inside each drawer, modular design to allow custom layout for stacking and different height configurations and a range of other benefits.


IIG investment has been supported by the Victorian State Government Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grant) or initial design concept, and more recently  The Department of Jobs, Precinct and Regions to help fund manufacturing facilities and produce an estimated 32 local jobs over 2 years.  IIG has secured Trade marks, Design registrations and Patents across Australia, EU, UK and USA and is expecting to start exporting later in 2023 in response to growing global interest including Artic trucks based in the U.K and supply to OEM’s (fuel and  electric vehicle manufacturers).

Triple Innovation value-add

Triple Innovation assist IIG with the R&D Tax Incentive, Grant funding and Export Market Development Grants.  Along this journey we have also assisted IIG to clarify its forward Agenda and to think longer term not just short term.  This allows us to plan how to leverage IIG significant investment in an innovative product solution cost effectively with the active support of Government.

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