The packaged chemical industry is everywhere and worth $Bns globally.   But what if this industry could be replaced with a simple device that generates sanitising and disinfectant solutions cost-effectively on-site and on-demand using common ingredients  – salts, water and electrolysis.  eWater Systems provides such a solution.

The Problem

Health and food processing industries depend on packaged chemicals to protect surfaces and food from microbial infection. The packaged chemical product industry is dominated by often toxic ammonia/chlorine products that are expensive, use non-recyclable single-use plastics, need PPE/Hazchem protection and complex WH&S storage/disposal procedures to prevent exposure to toxins, and generate waste streams toxic to waterways.

Innovative Solution

Scientific literature shows that electrolysed water kills pathogens 80x more effectively than existing chemical products, but access to high volume production/dispensing has hampered mass adoption. eWater Systems recently secured TGA certification of its electrolysed water sanitising/disinfectant for use in hospitals on hard surfaces with the support of NSW Health which is rolling out this device to NSW Hospitals.  This adds to eWater Systems impressive client list but is a drop in the ocean compared to commrcial / industrial and residential opportunities to introduce a truly green chemical free and highly effective product range.

On-site and on-demand generation?  Innovation.  Centralised standardised large scale production of anything reflects the industrial society of the 20th Century.  It is being superceded quietly in the 21st Century by local on-demand high quality production technologies.  This theme has already bubbled to the surface in education (on-line on-demand micro-credentials), health (wearables for real-time monitoring, telehealth) and bedside manufacture of stromal stem cells from patients fat tissue (see our case study on Cell Innovations) and 3D-printing of whatever you want at home. Why not.  The value is in the design not the factory production.  Maybe not even the design because you can do that at home as well – think t-shirts and fashion.

eWater Systems is not sitting on its hands.  Its thinking hard about the next step up in eWater technology guided by customer feedback and University support.

How has Triple Innovation helped?

Non-diluting grant funding is a key part of the commercialisation journey for many young companies and older ones as well.  eWater Systems is on this journey with great customer support for a unique and innovative product.



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