Synflyt Pty Limited has patented an innovative low cost fully featured motion simulator to train student pilots in general aviation.


The airline industry projects demand for 1.3M new commercial passenger pilots by 2035 to replace retiring pilots and cater for expected increases in passenger traffic. Coupled with demand for light commercial pilots total global demand for new pilots to commence training is estimated to be 7M over the next 18 years.  About 60,000 general aviation airports operate globally of which 9est.) 20,000 have accredited flight schools where the SynFlyt simulator could be housed to support pilot training.  There are 578 accredited flying schools in Australia, 50 in New Zealand, and 14,000 flight schools in the United States and the wider America’s.  Flight training schools often operate in demountable buildings in limited space, and have no covered accommodation to house a motion flight simulator. They operate lean and cannot afford the $90,000+ capital cost to purchase and install a certified fully featured motion flight simulator. Flight schools are seeking an alternative.

The Product

The simulator is innovative in both its shape and the engineering of its drive mechanism and proprietary software. Located within the exterior fibreglass housing, is a spherical shaped enclosure that is moved with 3 degrees of freedom (pitch, roll, yaw) on a series of wheel based drive mechanisms to simulate actual aircraft motion.  The simulator offers the first 210º seamless wrap around visual graphics screen internal to the flight simulator, the first integration of artificial hi-resolution runway imagery “My RunwayTM” with satellite imagery using geographically located positioning, the first comprehensive use of satellite terrain imagery without the use of game rendered terrain, and the first totally internet integrated simulator. The Synflyt simulator gives an improved flying experience at no capital cost to flight schools.  Synflyt places a unit on site in a secure outdoor location offering 24/7 access that does not impinge on limited indoor space, and to offer student pilots two hours flying instruction for the price of a standard hour ($140) from competing simulators.

Target Market

Flight schools in Australia and globally


Synflyt has been an active user of the R&D tax incentive for 3 years. with Triple Innovation’s assistance it has secured sale and lease back finance, a $280,000 grant from the Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre to manufacture and place its first units and set up infrastructure, and is working with JobsforNSW to secure a $500,000 loan facility and hire new employees to support growth.  A business ready for take-off!

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