Nu-Rock Technology uses waste products like fly ash, slag and mining fines to produce new building materials.

Product benefits

Nu-Rock’s products require 1.5% of the energy needed to produce conventional building materials, and are up to 50% cheaper at wholesale prices. The Nu-Rock process produces bricks, blocks, pavers, pipes, tiles, road bases and radiation shields that are superior to existing concrete based products in compression strength, fire ratings, acoustic and insulation ratings, water, acid and salt resistance and all other specifications.

In 2015, Nu-Rock won the Australian Sustainability Award, Green Building Product, and the 2015 CARE Award for environmental remediation technologies), recognising Nu-Rock’s carbon neutral and sustainable production processes and its novel use of waste product from coal fired power stations and steel mills.

Target market

Builders of residential dwellings and apartment blocks in Australia.


With the assistance of the principals at Triple Innovation, Nu-Rock secured investment from a High Net Worth individual and a no interest loan of $500,000 from the NSW JobsforNSW program to develop a small scale commercial demonstration plant and grow local employment in Lithgow, NSW.  Nu-Rock is busy locally working to scale its technology, as well as partnering with power generators in the United States keen to eliminate an environmental hazard by reusing their ash waste dams to supply low cost building materials into the US market.

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