Australian Hydrogen Conversions develops hydrogen-on-demand electrolysis units for trucks. The unit includes an on-board highly efficient electrolyser that feeds defined quantities of H2 gas into the combustion chamber to generate a cleaner and hotter burn which significantly improves fuel efficiency and substantially eliminates carbon and other vehicle noxious gas emissions.  In itself, the process of electrolysis is not new – what is new is the high efficiency of the electrolysis process and the system that optimises the injection of H2 and the fuel efficiency it generates at different engine revs from idling to high speed cruising.


Fuel costs are a significant part of road transport costs.  Transport is the second largest energy user industry in Australia accounting for 17% of Australian greenhouse gases in particular CO2 and nitrous oxides.  Emissions arise from inefficient engine combustion, and are also influenced by the type fuel used in the combustion process.  Noxious emissions from vehicles are generally controlled and  processing through add-on catalysing technologies and particulate filters.  But these are themselves imperfect.  They partly address exhaust emissions but do little to improve fuel efficiency during the combustion process.  In this respect the chemistry underpinning the internal combustion engine has changed little over time.

Product benefits

The AHC unit (patent pending) delivers 3 discrete benefits: a fuel saving of 45-55%, a significant reduction in  vehicle exhaust emissions and an improved engine performance and durability in any truck old or new and for any fuel type. For transport and logistics companies or manufacturers that operate large truck fleets the annual cost of fuel is significant.  An AHC unit pays for itself in fuel savings in 3 months. The unit is small, easy to install after market and comes with its own warranty. The unit is not attached to the engine in any way and does not therefore void vehicle warranties..

Target markets

Long-haul transport, rail, mining vehicles, bus fleets, and manufacturers / logistic companies that operate large transport fleets.


Since 2019, AHC’s 2 commercial demonstration units have travelled over 30.000 kilometres to improve and validate performance reliability and durability under all road, load, traffic and weather conditions. Pilot testing has allowed time to refine the design and address operational challenges.  This product is expected to be ready for market in H1, 2021. .Triple Innovation has been supporting AHC to source funding to bootstrap this technology.

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