AMPS Agribusiness was established by farmers who could see there was a lack of investment looming in local production research and wanted to use innovation to change this.  AMPS began as a merchandise business.  The profits generated from this business support non-for-profit private research to undertake crop trials and test new concepts & products for its farmer base in the Liverpool Plains and Moree – to change the way they farm.  AMPS also provides an end to end service for the grower, offering storage and handling facilities that run alongside a brokerage service.   AMPS employs over 40 staff.

AMPS Research

By way of example, an AMPS phenology research study supported by the Grain Research Development Corporation (GRDC) to investigate the impact of elevation on frost risk and what this could mean for sowing dates on land with different elevations was begun in 2016.  The hypothesis was that crop yields / hectare could be increased by optimising sowing times across a paddock to minimise the risk of frost.  Across farming lands of 8000 hectares where elevations may differ by 70m or more, this could make a significant difference to the type or crop planted, yield volume and quality.   The experiments were conducted across several years to account for changes in seasonal and environmental conditions, all designed to identify the earliest sowing windows across trial plots at different elevations and aspects.

With elevation varying on David and Gordon’s property from 350 to 420 metres above sea level, the brothers, who previously planted durum wheat in the first week of July, are now planting the crop in early June.

The Benefits

AMPS research found that farmers could safely plant winter and summer crops up to a month earlier.  Farmers have reported an increase in yield of 1 tonne / hectare just from sowing 1-2 weeks earlier than normal. Said one farmer “Changing our time of sowing has been a game-changer…”.  That said, there is plenty of upside in precision farming that this study has begun to explore.

Target Market

AMPS works with farmers in the Liverpool Plains, the environs around Tamworth and other NSW regional centres in central / northern NSW.  AMPS has over 60 farmer shareholders


AMPS has a strong interest in combining theri research capabilities with Agritech to deliver more specific and yield improving data to its farmers and customers.  This is the soil that will allow innovative new products and services to flourish.  Triple Innovation has been assisting AMPS with R&D and connections to the AgriTech sector that can assist the growth of its business and the productivity of farms.

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