Go The App is an innovative smart phone application that uses high-definition imagery and curated content, enabled by machine learning and artificial intelligence, to inspires users to discover places to visit worldwide and plan their travel itineraries.

The Product

Users browse thousands of beautiful destinations around the world in a matter of minutes, selecting the destinations they love, creating their dream holiday and saving their itinerary. Go’s innovative functionality makes choosing destinations easy with a host of in-app functions.

The personal data Go collects, with users’ permission, is an invaluable resource for hotels, airlines, tourism boards, OTAs and other travel-focused organisations offering new destinations to help consumers plan itineraries.

Target market

With a global market beckoning, Go is working with State and National Tourism Boards internationally to develop its offer to the travel sector and grow its user base.


Go is live in both Google Play and Apple App Stores, With more than 6,500 users, Go is undergoing detailed commercial piloting with an offshore Tourism Board. Initial results show a depth of unique pre-booking and post-travel data and app development opportunities, like most popular destinations, itineraries, and tourism preferences, not otherwise available to Tourism Boards or travel-related organisations.

Triple is helping Go The App structure their commercial pilot processes to inform their monetising strategy, development path and partnership opportunities, everything needed to develop a lean business model for rapid scaling.

Find out more at http://www.gotheapp.com

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