Sydney company Edenvale Wines is an innovator in the development,  production and exporting of Australian non-alcoholic wines high in antioxidants and low in calories to Europe, Canada and the American continents. .


The manufacture of products involves a three-stage process: preparation of the base wine, a de-alcoholising process, and a reconstitution (or blending) process all of which has generated a body of process IP about how to optimise the beneficial qualities of non-alcoholic wines without losing the distinctive robust palate for which Australian wines are recognised and for which consumers pay.  Supported by a team of experienced wine-makers in Adelaide, and offshore marketing representatives, Edenvale has been developing its range of wines, and beers, for well over 15 years expanding its presence and growing steadily year on year.

Product benefits

Non-alcoholic wines have established markets overseas and increasingly in Australia riding a trend that no longer stigmatises the non-alcoholic drinker.  This market includes pregnant women abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy and those who have an adverse physical reaction to alcohol as well as those who don’t like alcohol. Strong growth is projected in each of these markets as both product range and availability becomes more mainstream. .

Target market

Non-alcoholic wines are targeted to anyone who likes to drink wine but would prefer to have a non-alcoholic product.


Edenvale is targeting major liquor retail outlets in Australia and internationally (NZ, Belgium, China, Korea, Vietnam and Canada) and is poised for rapid growth. Triple Innovation has been working with Edenvale to reduce the cost of R&D and export expansion through the R&D tax incentive, export grants and other incentives.

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