Streaker Creative is an innovative marketing company that uses technology to deliver unforgettable, cross channel brand experiences that connect client brands with their audiences.

Selfiebot is a robotic  platform for the event industry, and is Streaker’s first ‘own’ product.  



Corporate event organisers are always on the look of new exciting technologies to wow their audiences.  But the budgets to create bespoke tech solutions are often simply not available.  Custom executions such as interactive installations and VR/AR experiences require big spends in R&D, hardware and long time frames for fabrication and testing.  Most product launches and corporate events budgets are spent in hiring old school solutions such as photo booths, media walls and event photographers.  Enter Selfiebot…

The Product 

Selfiebot takes the photo booth experience to the next level.  Selfiebot roams the crowd at events, interviewing and talking to guests, like a chatbot or voice assistant, using the unique tone of voice of client brands.  Selfiebot records guest responses and and offers to take their selfie.  Selfiebot is an effective video storytelling platform and an entertaining and effective way to generate great content to share on social channels.

Selfiebot provides additional sponsorship opportunity for event planners.  Event organisers can benefit by offering the Selfiebot to key sponsors as a fully branded, interactive and mobile experience.  Key features include instant SMS & email, social sharing, data capture, analytics, live surveys & polling, video Q&A, remote control, unlimited printing, custom speech, sponsorship branding, video capture, and live streaming

Target Market

Selfiebot can be hired for corporate events, trade shows, sporting events, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, product launches in Europe and Australia.


Triple Innovation has been assisting Streaker to develop Selfiebot’s financial model and secure funding for expansion inter-state and to Europe.

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