Solutions for Established businesses

We work with you to prioritise R&D investment and develop your IP assets into a competitive advantage for your business using our Milestone Bridge. And to develop your R&D infrastructure to accelerate bringing your innovations to market.


We focus on the four pillars of our Milestone Bridge.


Develop an R&D strategy

Funding R&D is often slashed when markets soften.  Yet experience teaches that businesses that budget for continued investment in R&D during market downturns benefit disproportionately when market conditions improve.

Using our Milestone Bridge, we work with you to develop a purpose-driven R&D strategy that:

  • prioritises your R&D investment over time, investment size, risk and market opportunity
  • consolidates project funding and resource needs across milestones
  • is backed by a funding plan to accelerate your path to market. This includes the R&D tax incentive, grants, and lending options..



Upscale your investment in R&D

Growth places a significant call on capital yet often requires further investment in R&D to compete successfully with larger players with deeper pockets.

Using our modelling expertise we work with you to:

  • upscale your investment in R&D by marshalling external researchers who can expand your capabilities and unlock new funding options
  • govern your R&D programme and link it to market opportunity

If you need external investment, we have the tools you need to be product, market and investor ready, including pitch decks, advisory boards and governance processes.  You have access to the funding platforms and private deal rooms we use to connect with high net worth and corporate investors



    Develop your R&D and IP assets for competitive advantage

    Your R&D and IP assets do not exist simply to generate widgets.  These capabilities underpin your competitive advantage and revenue growth.  They are your engine room.   These capabilities should be developed, documented, protected and valued as competitive assets, rather than just seen as expense items.   

    We put in place best practice R&D governance processes to help you:

    • document and package your IP to highlight its real value to funders and investors
    • measure and improve the effectiveness of your investment in R&D
    • transform your R&D centre into a profit-making asset



      Build business value from your R&D and IP assets

      How you develop and manage your R&D and IP drives business value.  The business values lens introduces the investor perspective to how you define, demonstrate and communicate your business journey and the value of your R&D and IP assets to investors and buyers.  Because they rely on your ability to create value tomorrow not just today.

      Using our valuation partners, we work with you to:

      • represent your intangible capital in your management accounts 
      • benchmark your IP portfolio against competitors 
      • isolate & build the business value premium attributable to innovation

      Connect to our network

      Even as an established business, new contacts and opportunities outside your specific product or service domain can be very valuable.  We connect you to our network of clients, contacts, and partners to collaborate on the research, design, manufacture or distribution of your product or services.