Solutions for Start-ups

We partner with start-up innovators, to get your product to market. Using our Milestone Bridge, we define key outcomes at each stage of development in order to reduce product, market and investor risk and increase business value.


We focus on the four pillars of our Milestone Bridge


Plan for success 

We customise your pathway to success using our proprietary Milestone Bridge methodology.  We establish the critical path to your destination, clearing the way so that each decision you make advances towards your destination avoiding the distraction and pitfalls that waste time, money and energy.  So that you always feel in control, ready to respond to any eventuality.  We calibrate your pathway so that each milestone:

  • reduces key product, market and investor risks by testing and validating key assumptions
  • unlocks new funding options as the risk profile of your business changes
  • establishes a track record of successful delivery
  • releases the energy and confidence everyone needs to keep going

Because succeeding is about planning how to succeed.  Keeping your journey as direct and predictable as possible. Remaining focused.   


Protect IP

Your intellectual property is your key business asset.  We apply a strategic approach to the value it has today, and how to build its value going forward.  Your IP is the story you need to engage stakeholders, funders and investors.

With our specialist partners, we help you manage your IP so that you:

  • protect your innovations
  • document and package your IP so that it is valuable for funders and investors


Access to funding

Attracting funding to develop new products can be frustrating.  We organise the fund-raising process to develop a visual roadmap so that you know:

  • how each stage of product development will be financed
  • how to use the R&D tax incentive, grants, and debt or equity funding intelligently to leverage your own capital base
  • how to engage collaborative partners to accelerate your path to market.

If you need external investment, we have the tools you need to be investor ready, including pitch decks, advisory boards and governance processes.  You have access to the funding platforms we use to connect with high net worth and corporate investors.



    Build a sustainable business model

    Your financial model places you on the bridge in control of the levers of value in your business, so that you know how it works inside out.  It provides the knowledge you need to build confidence with stakeholders, funders and investors.

    We use our expertise to develop your financial model so that you know:

    • how your business makes money, its key assumptions and how they impact business results
    • how to set business and financial goals and prioritise actions today to get there
    • how to measure your progress and stay on track.

    Connect to our network

    It takes time and effort to form new business networks beyond the specific domain of your product or service expertise.  We connect you to our network of clients, contacts, and partners to collaborate on the research, design, manufacture or distribution of your product or service ideas.